Catholic CD Kiosk

Faith Formation CDs

We are proud to present a variety of CD Titles through Lighthouse Catholic Media.*

These CDs present a practical and effective program to help Catholics…

Know and Understand their Faith…

Keep their Faith Vibrant and Alive…

Set Hearts Afire for Our Faith.

 *Their cost to you is minimal at only a suggested $3 donation.

We all have busy, busy lives. Finding the time to learn about our Faith can be difficult. Now, we are able to meet you where you are! Wherever you have a CD player available to you, in your car, your home, a workshop, or garage you can deepen your Understanding and Love for the Catholic Faith. You can listen while driving to and from work, cleaning the house, doing laundry, exercising, waiting for the kids after extra-curricular activities.

CDs covering a variety of topics will be available on the KIOSK permanently located in the Commons or occasionally in the Narthex after Mass. If the KIOSK does not have the topic or Title you want, you can order it using the Form below.

Just…St James CD order Form

  1. Print out the Form,
  2. Fill it out,
  3. Return it to…
    1. The Parish Office, or
    2. Put it in the Donation Box at the Bottom of the KIOSK.

 Which CD/s are right for you?

 To find out…

  1. Goto the Lighthouse Catholic Media Website at:
  2. Highlight…
    1. STORE,
    2. View All Titles,
    3. Then Click on it,
  3. The default will place your cursor on “ALL TYPES”
  4. Move the Highlight to “CD” and CLICK on it,
  5. All of Lighthouse Catholic Media’s CD Titles will be listed,
  6. Scroll through them all to see which may be of interest to you. There will be…
    1. A synopsis describing the contents of each CD,
    2. A Rating based on reviews given by other listeners like yourself,
    3. A Preview (for most of the Titles). Look for a Media Player Bar to the right where you can listen to a 5 to 10 minute excerpt from the CD to help you decide if the Speaker is presenting the topic in a manner suitable to you listening style.

 NOTE: only those CDs listed on the ORDER FORM are available through St. James. The others you will have to order on your own through Lighthouse Catholic Media.

 If you have any questions please contact Jim Malak at ; Ph. # (414) 412-0245