Staff Member: Christina Kuenzi

Christina Kuenzi

Liturgy & Music Director
Phone: 262-363-7615 X112
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♫ “Heeel--loooo” ♫ from over at the piano…it’s Christina Kuenzi! I am privileged to share a unique relationship with the St. James community as the Director of Music and Liturgy because of the opportunity I have to share in the experience of the consecration at Mass…united with you, the St. James community, as one body in Christ.
After worshiping with you for almost 4 years, I feel so acquainted with you…especially as you were there for me during the most difficult time of my life when my youngest, Liam, was born. He is my miracle boy, having no lasting effects of an injury he suffered during his birth that caused him to have his vocal cords temporarily paralyzed. (You should hear him squeal now!) Though I had to have him baptized by Deacon Jim in the hospital, I felt the presence of your prayers. I cannot believe he is 3 already! If you stop by during the week, you may hear Liam trotting around the Commons, or singing into the choir mics. The Church is his second home. Soon he will be old enough to sit next to me at the piano during Mass.
My daughter, Evelyn, already enjoys our St. James community as a 6-year-old in the Religious Education program. My favorite memories of worship with her include hearing her from across the Church, sitting with Grandma, saying: “Mommy’s done!” after a song’s completion. Now that she is old enough, she looks forward to the Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
Finally, I am grateful for the support of my husband of 12 years. Having married my high school sweetheart, I have known him more than half my life. Together we are passionate about good food, reading, traveling (…hopefully all 50 states someday), and exploring a variety of experiences with our children (from zoo classes to waterparks).
Because this column has become more of a Christmas card family-update opposed to a biography/ job description, I conclude with this final thought: know that you are family to me, and I sincerely hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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