On behalf of St. James Catholic Parish in Mukwonago Wisconsin, let us welcome you to our website.  We hope you find it informative and helpful.  Our hope is that you find a home here at St. James and that we can assist you in strengthening your relationship with Christ.

We invite you to consider becoming involved in the mission of St. James.  With almost 1,100 families, we rely on parishioners to share their time and talent to further the work of the Lord and spread the good news of his kingdom.

The prayer for all who visit here is that through the intercession of St. James, the patron of our parish, God will continue to bless and strengthen you with his abiding love and peace.

St James Calendar Raffle

Calendar RaffleWe would like to introduce you to a NEW parish fundraiser that will be ongoing from now through December 31st.  We’ll be holding a calendar raffle drawing on the first Friday of each month ($250 ea.), as well as every Tuesday ($50 ea), for a total of 56 cash prizes.  Your one $20 purchase will enter you in all 56 drawings.  Even if you win, your ticket will be returned to the barrel and could be picked again and again.  These make great fun gifts for Christmas and can be given to anyone - there is no age limit.  The winners will be posted each week in the bulletin.   Please help sell these to friends, neighbors, and relatives. It’s a fun and festive way to help support our parish.

Mass Times

Weekend Masses
Saturday: 4:00pm
Sunday: 8:15am & 10:30am

Daily Masses
Monday: 6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am
Saturday: 8:00am


Office Hours

Parish Office
Mon-Fri: 8am -4pm

Religious Education Office
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Parish Center Office
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