Pastoral Council

Parish Council is the planning, consultative and policy formulating body in all matters of the Parish, including, but not limited to the spiritual, educational, Societal and financial concerns, except to the extent limited by faith and morals, church or civil law or archdiocesan policy/norms.


Next meeting January 15, 2018- 7pm Room 10 of Parish Center.  Open to all parishioners

Agenda for January 15, 2018 soon to be posted

Meeting Minutes

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Council Officers

Chairperson                      Bill Kirkman                   262-389-9968

Co Chairperson                 Glen Lazich                      262-565-1209

Secretary                       Debra Dunn                        414-630-4444


Ex-Officio Officers

Temporary Administrator  Fr. Ed Tlucek              262-363-7615

Trustee-Secretary             Keith Fisher                 262-347-6454

Trustee-Treasurer            Jerry Holzhauer             262-424-3123


Liasion Assignment-Members at Large

Finance                                     Harold Casper              262-378-4861

Evangelization/Stewardship      Glenn Lazich               262-565-1209  

Youth/Religious Education       Sharon Miley                262-662-4273

Festival                                    Keith Fisher                262-363-3018

Prayer & Worship                     Carol Pearson               262-363-8383

Adult Faith Formation              Bill Schmitt                   262-363-7448

Human Concerns (Chair)            Drew Yergens              262-392-3276

                                                      Renee Hitt                     262-470-7942

                                                     Bob O'Malley                  262-363-5196