Buildings & Grounds

B&G Committee Vision: To provide a safe, healthy & prayerful environment for the continued growth of the St James Faith Community. 

B&G Committee Chair: Dennis Bednarek; 262-470-4477; [email protected]

Agenda: Thursday, February 10, 2022 7pm in Room 8-soon to be posted

Minutes: January 2021     February 2021     March 2021     April 2021     May 2021      June 2021       July 2021      August 2021    September 2021     October 2021     November 2021     December 2021     

 Purpose of this committee:

The purpose of the St. James Building & Grounds Committee is the maintenance of all facilities and their systems (electrical, heating, mechanical, plumbing, etc.) as well as the parish grounds, to ensure that all buildings and outdoor areas are safe, clean, in good repair and appearance, for now and into the future.

 Duties of this committee:

  • Participate in general planning and prioritizing of Building & Grounds (B&G) activities.
  • Obtain quotes from various vendors and oversee the completion of projects identified by the Committee.
  • This committee meets once monthly on the 2nd Thursdays, from 7-8pm in Room 10 of the Parish Center.
  • For further information, please contact Pastoral Coordinator, Deacon Anton Nicholai 262-363-7615 X102 or [email protected]