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Pastoral Council

Parish Council is the planning, consultative and policy formulating body in all matters of the Parish, including, but not limited to the spiritual, educational, Societal and financial concerns, except to the extent limited by faith and morals, church or civil law or archdiocesan policy/norms.

Next Pastoral Council Meeting: Thursday, October 26, 2023 6:30pm St. James Parish Center Room 7

St James PC Agenda for October 26, 2023

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

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Council Officers

Chairperson                  Chad Stovern                    [email protected] 

Chairperson Elect           Carolyn Evers          [email protected] 

 Secretary                     Karen Preuss              [email protected]


Ex-Officio Officers

Pastor                             Fr. Jordan Berghouse                   [email protected]

Trustee-Secretary             Paul Smyczek                          [email protected]

Trustee-Treasurer           Rick Murphy                             [email protected]


Members at Large

John Barrette                  [email protected]                     Finance Liaison

Jim Cox                          [email protected]                       TBD

Tom Daniels                    [email protected]                   Faith Formation 

Mary Ann Karas             [email protected]                         Prayer & Worship Liaison

Jennifer McFadyen        [email protected]                 TBD

Daniel Pedriana            [email protected]   Stewardship