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Family Promise


hours of your time will lift


families out of homelessness


May Host Day is Wednesday, May 10th. Please follow this link to sign up:



A New and Exciting Direction

Overview: In addition to food prep, there will also be face-to-face volunteer opportunities in a very nice facility located at 1210 Sentry Dr. in Waukesha.  In this facility we will be hosting up to 5 families with no more than 5 individuals per family.  St. Theresa Parish is responsible for providing meals and a minimum of 4 onsite volunteers from 4:30 to 8:00, every 2nd Wednesday from May through October.

Scheduling will be on SignUp Genius.  There will be a separate SignUp for each month.  Consequently, no long-term commitment is necessary.

St. James Parish Commitment:

Dinner meal served at 5:30 for a between 10 and 30 individuals, many of whom are expected to be young children.

Main dish, side, dessert and/or fruit (no beverage).

Meals to be delivered to 1210 Sentry Dr.Waukesha, or made on site in commercial kitchen (chef’s call).

It's likely meal transport will be available for those unwilling to deliver.

Face-to-Face Volunteers (minimum 4 per month):

Two dinner service volunteers from 4:30 or 5:00 (chef’s call) until 6:00.

Two hospitality volunteers from 6:00 until 8:00

No overnight volunteers needed!!!

Training & Background Check Requirements:

Offsite chefs: None

On site chefs and face-to-face volunteers:

New background check (contact Mike or Linda for consent form)

New online training (Easy-Peasy, 90 min. estimate. Contact Mike or Linda for details.)

Site walk thru at 1210 Sentry Dr., Waukesha (60 min. est.)



Additional Family Promise Information:

Coordinators: Sue Hoffmann262-705-3691[email protected]
Pete Hoffmann, 414-732-3888[email protected]

Alternate coordinators: Linda Klingler, [email protected] 262-495-4999

 Mike Jaehn[email protected] 262-594-2628

PDF Presentation

What goes on during a Host Week?