Festival 2018

Festival Big Raffle Winners

Basket Raffle Winners

Festival Thanks

Our heartiest and most sincere thanks to everyone who helped make the festival a big success.  Thanks to the festival chairperson Keith Fisher, for the many months of planning and organizing, setting up, taking down, and being here all weekend.  Your dedication is inspiring.  Thanks to Bob Lapczynski for having a banner year in car raffle sales, and to Lynch of Mukwonago for sponsoring this event.  Our warmest thanks goes to everyone who volunteered their time to help out:  sharing your time and your talents is a precious gift.  Finally, to the members of the St. James staff, for their many months of extra hours and additional tasks that helped to pull this event together.  May the Lord bless everyone for their efforts!

Basket Raffle Thanks

We would like to thank the parishioners for their generous donations for the basket raffle this year. All donations included, we had 61 items to select from! There was enthusiastic participation and we sold 2,639 tickets! My thanks to all those who helped put the baskets together and locate and relocate them before and after the festival. Congratulations to all the winners and hang onto those large empty baskets for next year! 

Bakery Thanks

Thank you to all who donated baked goods, jams and vegetables to the Parish Festival Bakery Booth.  We sold out of all the goods and produce.

Thank you also to all the workers that helped out at the Bakery Booth.  You were great and we enjoyed working with all of you.  It was a huge success. Thank you again, Council of Catholic Women.