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Wedding Music Planning

Wedding Music Suggestion Guide

Only sacred music can be sung or played during a Catholic Mass.

However, it may be done as another prelude, because we do allow secular music outside of the Mass, though it is not encouraged.

[*Sacred music is music in which the text expresses praise to God, acknowledges our dependence upon God, and/or uses texts from the Bible.]

It is highly recommended that you also hire a vocal soloist if you wish for solo singing or to lead assembly singing.



1) “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert vocal soloist and keyboard

2) “Ave Maria” by Bach/Gounod vocal soloist and keyboard

*Or a reflective instrumental selection elsewhere in the service…

3) "Arioso" by J.. Bach

4) "True to the Journey" by Patrick Loomis

5) “Song of Michael” by Patrick Loomis keyboard

6) “Sleepers Awake” (Wachet Auf) by J. S. Bach keyboard

7) “Greensleeves” traditional English tune

8) “Art Thou With Me” J. S. Bach


Processional (instrumental):

9) “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel

10) “Joy of Man’s Desiring” by J. S. Bach

11) "Trumpet Tune" by Jeremiah Clarke

12) “Air” from Handel’s WATER MUSIC


Processional (an option for singing by assembly):

13) “All Are Welcome” (Marty Haugen) BREAKING BREAD # 414

14) “Gather Your People” (Bob Hurd) BREAKING BREAD # 314

15) “Come to the River” (Bob Hurd) BREAKING BREAD # 645

16) “Rain Down” (Jaime Cortez) BREAKING BREAD # 600


Responsorial Psalm:

17) Psalm 145: “I Will Praise Your Name” (Haas) BREAKING BREAD # 813

18) Psalm 128: “O Blessed Are Those” (Inwood) BREAKING BREAD # 808

19) Psalm 118 - "This is the Day the Lord Has Made” (Joncas) BREAKING BREAD #802

20) Psalm 122: “Let Us Go Rejoicing” (Joncas)



21) Psalm 34: “Taste and See” (Bob Hurd) BREAKING BREAD # 339



Gospel Acclamation:

22) “Celtic Alleluia”   BREAKING BREAD # 939

23) “Alleluia, Give the Glory”   BREAKING BREAD # 884


Preparation of the Gifts or Lighting of the Candle:

24) “I Have Loved You” (Jan Michael Joncas) BREAKING BREAD # 602

25) “When Love Is Found” (O Waly Waly) BREAKING BREAD # 659

26) “Only a Shadow” (Carey Landry) BREAKING BREAD # 438

*Or a reflective instrumental selection.


Eucharistic Acclamations:

28) “Mass of Creation” (Marty Haugen) BREAKING BREAD # 869, etc.

29) “Mass of Glory” (Canedo/Hurd) BREAKING BREAD # 883, etc.

30) “Mass of Renewal” (Curtis Stephan) BREAKING BREAD # 860, etc.



1) “Miracle of Grace” (Curtis Stephan) BREAKING BREAD # 357


2) “The Summons” (Kelvingrove) BREAKING BREAD # 383

3) “Taste and See” (Bob Hurd), BREAKING BREAD # 339

4) “One Bread, One Body” (John Foley) BREAKING BREAD # 338

5) “Taste and See” (James E. Moore) BREAKING BREAD # 333

6) “Taste and See” (Bob Hurd) BREAKING BREAD # 339

7) “I Will Choose Christ” (Tom Booth) BREAKING BREAD # 511



1) “Trumpet Tune” by Jeremiah Clarke

2) “Allegro Maestoso” from WATER MUSIC by G. F. Handel

3) “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven

4) “Wedding on the American Prairie” by P. Rodriguez


Recessional (an option for singing by assembly):

5) “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” (Ode to Joy) by Beethoven BRKNG BREAD # 544

6) “City of God” (Dan Schutte) BREAKING BREAD # 385

7) “We Are Called” (David Haas) BREAKING BREAD # 616

8) “With One Voice” (Ricky Manalo) BREAKING BREAD # 384

9) “Lead Me, Lord” (John D. Becker) BREAKING BREAD # 726

10) “Sing of the Lord’s Goodness” (Ernest Sands) BREAKING BREAD # 562